About Glow

We help webinar organizers unlock the value of webinars by making webinars easy to run and stress-free

Webinars are extremely valuable

When done right, webinars are extremely valuable. Your audience learns something new. You get to engage with your audience and they get to know you. That creates trust, which creates business results.

But, webinars are also tough to organize...

Webinars are a lot of work

To run a successful webinar, you would need to:

  • Think of a topic for the webinar
  • Find a speaker
  • Create a registration page
  • Promote the webinar on social media
  • Send reminders to registrants
  • Put together the content for the webinar
  • Perform a dry run of the webinar
  • Run the actual webinar
  • Followup with attendees

No doubt, that's a lot of work.

Webinars are also stressful

If you organized a webinar before, you have probably experienced the following:

  • What if no one shows up?
  • What if I send the wrong link to the webinar?
  • What if something goes wrong during the webinar?

We make webinars easy to run and less stressful

We are here to make the process easier:

  • Outline the process and the different steps involved.
  • Create beautiful registration pages and email reminders.
  • Make sure that you include the right links in your invites
  • Promote your webinar with confidence on social media
  • Followup with your audience after the webinar.
  • Provide best practices and reading material about running webinars

Above all, we run webinars ourselves, and continue to learn from you on how to make webinars easier.

We are here for the long run

Glow was founded by Nir Shub in 2022. Previously, Nir co-founded Sorted, which was later sold to Deel.

As a Co-Founder, Nir organized many webinars, and experienced the value of webinars first hand, but also the high level of effort and stress involved.

Glow is happily bootstrapped and entirely self-funded. We charge a fair price for our software, which makes us sustainable for the long term.

We provide friendly and personal support. We have no pressure on growing quickly, so we can provide an amazing service to every single one of our customers.